New testimonial from US! January 27 2014

"Around the year 2000 I was a member of Karmel Covenant Church not far from Dalbo Minnesota. I knew where my great-grandparents were burried because my father Harold showed me many years ago. I did not know what my great-grandparents looked like until one day in 2003 my mother had gotten a photo from my fathers cousin. The photo had came from California and it said on the back this is the Engstrom's. So I went and looked through all the old photos I had and sure enough I found some more photos of them. 


I knew they came from Venjan Sweden because I had found their obituaries that had been saved with all the old photo's. But I searched on the internet and I did not know where to look. So for three years until 2007 there came a phone call from Sweden. My niece Tina talked to this gentleman. He told her to write down names that I might know and he said he would call back in a couple days. The names he told her I knew them and couldn't wait for him to call back. He told me his name was Leif Morkfors from Sweden and he had information about the Engstrom family. After I got in contact with Leif it opened a whole new world for me that had eluded me for years. I have so much information know and I have been contacting relatives from what Leif found for me and I have met a lot of these people in the United States and Sweden. I would highly recommend anyone to have Leif do research on your relatives. He is very thorough and a professional."

Keith Engstrom

Dalbo,Minnesota USA