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We offer you different ways to show your family history. Our professional genealogist, Leif Mörkfors, is well known all over US for his work with the history of immigrants from Dalecarlia region in Sweden to US. Leif has over 35 years of experience in genealogy.

We can help you to find your Swedish relatives living today, discover your Swedish family tree as far back as you want, help you to have beautiful trays made from your old family photos or photos from places in your Swedish history.

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New article about our participation in "Allt för Sverige" or "Great Swedish Adventure"


From the latest number of Swedish American Genealogy


"Thank you so much!  I am amazed at the stories contained within the information you have sent me.  Some of the Swedish stories carry great insight into their actions once they got to America. 

I know the American stories, but they carry a whole new meaning now that I know the Swedish background.

I most certainly will spread the work about your research capabilities.   I'll advertise you by saying 'get your genealogy questions answered correctly.  Get your genealogy research done from the man who does the work for 'Allt for Sverige'!  Wish I could be in Malung to celebrate Midsommar!"

Dave Erickson


    “With the help of Leif Mörkfors, my cousin from Sweden, Lena, actually found my family in  Minnesota!  In 2009, Lena travelled to Minnesota with her daughter, Klara, and was able to  meet my mom, siblings, our children and many other relatives.  In 2011, my daughter Josie  and I had the opportunity to travel to Venjan, Dalarna, Sweden to attend the annual Venjan  Festival where we were able to meet many of our cousins still living in Sweden. What a truly  amazing experience that never would have happened without the assistance of Leif Mörkfors! "
John Peterson, Buffalo, MN

"Around the year 2000 I was a member of Karmel Covenant Church not far from Dalbo Minnesota. I knew where my great-grandparents were burried because my father Harold showed me many years ago. I did not know what my great-grandparents looked like until one day in 2003 my mother had gotten a photo from my fathers cousin. The photo had came from California and it said on the back this is the Engstrom's. So I went and looked through all the old photos I had and sure enough I found some more photos of them. 

 I knew they came from Venjan Sweden because I had found their obituaries that had been saved with all the old photo's. But I searched on the internet and I did not know where to look. So for three years until 2007 there came a phone call from Sweden. My niece Tina talked to this gentleman. He told her to write down names that I might know and he said he would call back in a couple days. The names he told her I knew them and couldn't wait for him to call back. He told me his name was Leif Morkfors from Sweden and he had information about the Engstrom family. After I got in contact with Leif it opened a whole new world for me that had eluded me for years. I have so much information know and I have been contacting relatives from what Leif found for me and I have met a lot of these people in the United States and Sweden. I would highly recommend anyone to have Leif do research on your relatives. He is very thorough and a professional."

Keith Engstrom, Dalbo,Minnesota USA



"My family will be forever grateful to Leif Mörkfors for connecting us with the Swedish relatives of both our grandfather, John August Johnson/Johansson from the Kalmar area, and our grandmother, Anna Wetterström from Stockholm.  After much research Leif was able to find the correct Johnson family in Minnesota that is descended from our common Venjan grandparents, Korp. Daniel Herres and Thor Majt Olofsdotter. Leif also translated our Swedish Grandmother's letters and then contacted the owner of the farm where my grandfather's brother had lived in the 1950s.  The farm was still owned by a descendant!  What a wonderful discovery for the  U.S. Johnson family and for the Swedish Johansson family, too. My cousin was able to visit the Johansson descendants in Sweden in 2006.  My husband and I were also able to visit them in 2007."  
Mary Corcoran

Great Swedish adventure

The fourth season of the popular TV-show "Allt för Sverige" starts up on Sunday October 19, 2014, and it is with excitement that I look forward to see what the research I did during the spring resulted in when it has been cut , edited, and now appears on the TV screen. How will the reactions be? Will Troy cry when he goes in the yard at his grandmother's birthplace in deepest of Småland ? What will Jennette say when she sees the picture of her swedish great grandmother and how will Leslie react when she finds out more about her ancestors checkered past ?

As head genealogist for this program I had the opportunity to dig a little deeper and drill a little extra in a few selected ancestors and thereby make the story a little richer and a little more tangible for the main characters as I hope the TV medium will convey. Digging into the participants family history has other challenges. First, it should be ensured that a larger group of selected Americans will be examined from the perspective; " Do they have Swedish ancestors? '. Then, when the final so-called casting is made, commence a rather broad research into their family history to find that person, the story, the life fate or perhaps the place which with strength and whirlwind, to capture both the participant and the TV audience's interest. It's genealogy at its most fun !

   Me with two of the participants, Katie Malik from Washington and Courtney Schlagel from Kansas

During a warm early summer evening in early June, I had the opportunity to meet with the participants over dinner after the day's recordings. I first became fascinated by how many people who worked with the production and the logistics that have to work to get everything in the right place. I got the opportunity to talk with some of the participants over a longer time and my primary reflection was that what I perceived as "so little" of their family history could mean so much to the participants. Seeing a memorial, to hold an object that belonged to an ancestor, to read a letter and to see a picture, created so many thoughts, changing mindsets and almost changed their entire outlook on life. That's exactly what is the fascination with genealogy - to share people's joy over their new-found knowledge of their family history. To tell the client's family history so that the research does not become a dusty binder on a bookshelf, but a living document where the researched people from the cover and their fates sometimes jumps out of the bookcase and make themselves known, discussed at family dinners and celebrations and makes an impression with their life stories of living people's daily lives. Here, I think we at Tillbakablicken can make a difference for you as a customer!

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